Bike Night at Union Station

On Friday, Metro hosted Bike Night at Union Station to wrap up LA’s bike week with a bang! Hundreds of the city’s cyclists turned out to enjoy live music, grab some free goodies, and celebrate the joys of riding. They even raffled off one of our Bromleys!

Because it was a Metro event, it only felt right to get the Bromley there using public transport. From the office in Burbank, the Bromley and I first caught the 155 bus out to Universal City where we then jumped on the Red Line subway to get out to Union Station. The sky cleared up nicely on the bus ride, and I just can’t say enough about how easy Metro makes it to use bikes in conjunction with their services – it really opens up the city!

When we arrived, the set-up was in full swing and it only took a few minutes before the doors were opened and the public poured in. Tons of great organizations had tables set-up, there was loads of swag to grab (free socks?! Thanks LADOT)!, and the Lions filled the room with reggae rhythms. We brought more than 50 go-bags, nightlights, sticker packs, and 4 cases of coffee – all of which was gone in just under 10 minutes!

Did I mention the food trucks? Sure, they’re not quite as good as food bikes, but they kept everyone sated with the sweet tastes of seafood tacos and Korean barbecue. The highlight of the night for me though, was the raffle. Entry to the event was free, and every one who came got a raffle ticket at the door. After the Lions finished their first (awesome) set, we took to the stage to pick a winner.

And we found one! The best part? Amy was in the photo-booth when the numbers were called, so I’m holding out hope there’s a set of photos out there capturing the exact moment she realizes she’s holding the winning ticket. Just look at that contagious “new bike” smile!

Bike Night was 3 hours long, but it was over in an instant. It’s almost impossible to not have a great time when you’re spending it with the Angelenos who make riding a regular part of their lives. My only suggestion for next year would be that we do this every Friday. After all, every week is Bike Week if you want it to be.