Team Bikes: Alex Portillo

One of the best things about working for a bike company is making a product you actually enjoy using. Here at Pure City, we love bikes. We love designing them, building them, but more than anything else, we love riding them. In today's post, we'll take a peek at one of our very own's personal pride and joy: Alex's Vine!

Our resident mechanic, Alex transformed his Vine into before-they-were-cool, pebble-pounding, gravel-grinder using spare parts from around the shop. Monster tires, upgraded rims, and super-wide drops keep it sure-footed on gnarly fire trails and the gravelly backroads of Griffith Park.

No stranger to touring, it's fairly common to see Alex roll in with panniers on the front and rear and everything loaded up for a weekend away. Upgraded cranks and wheels help keep the weight down for long climbs over the mountains and let him "spend more weight" on supplies.

The most important part of the bike, though, is Alex. It's an extension of his personality and passion for all things "bike". And it's not his only one. We'll take a peek at the rest of his fleet down the road and check out the other team rides too!

Until then, you can follow Alex on instagram to see more bike pics, and comment below to let us know how you've made your bike your own!