6 Tips to Beat the Heat this Summer

It's finally Summer, but at this point we should be calling it Sunner because it is hot out there! Don't let the heat keep you off your bike. Check out these 6 tips for keeping your cool on the road and you'll be riding comfortably all season!

#1 Stay Hydrated

Our bodies are 75% water and it turns out the stuff is, like, super important. Dehydration can not only ruin your ride, it can ruin your week (unless IVs and ambulance rides are your thing). In the steamy days of Summer, it's easy to sweat out that life-giving moisture, so you need to replenish as you ride. Most docs recommend a bottle of water for every hour you spend riding (or one every 10-15 miles), so be sure top off your bottle before you head out.

2. Dress for the Occasion

Comfortable riding gear doesn't have to mean spandex, but in the heat it's important to pick items that'll keep you cool. Light colors reflect sunlight to keep your temperature down and lightweight, breezy materials let air flow around your body to wick away sweat. And don't be afraid to bare some skin! Summer's the perfect season for shorts and skirts, while bike-specific clothing like the Levi's Commuter series make it easy to arrive looking and feeling cool.

 3. Shield Your Skin

Bare skin means sweet Summer tans, but you need to make sure you don't get burned. Keeping some sunscreen on your bike is an easy way to make sure you're always prepared. Don't forget to check the UV Index on your favorite weather app before you head out and, if the sun's really shining, slather on some of that protection!


4. Have a Cool Destination

When the riding is hot, your destination should be cool. Whether it's ice cream at the park, that overwhelmingly air conditioned movie theater, or catching a cat nap in the shade - giving yourself a chance to chill between bursts in the sun is a great reward for riding and makes it easier to hop back on the bike and head home afterwards.

5. Get Wet

Staying hydrated isn't all about drinking water - the heat and sun dry out your skin and a little water goes a long way towards keeping the outside of your body happy too. A quick spritz of water on your wrists will cool you down as it evaporates - like a pressure point for your internal thermostat. A cold shower or jump into a pool will reel you right back from sweltering to serene. Even if you don't have a pool and your roommate's in the shower, watery relief is always as close as the nearest fire hydrant!

#6 Give Yourself Cold Feet

This one I don't have a great picture for, but trust me - it works. Before you head out, pop a pair of clean socks in the freezer and when you get home your feet will have a chilly little vacation waiting for them! There's just no relief like swapping your hot socks for cold ones. If you're feeling brave, you can toss some other undergarments in the freezer too and, before you know it, you'll find yourself doing it all Summer long - whether you're riding or not.