Floating on Air

You spend a lot of time getting your bike “just right”. From parts that capture your personality, to accessories that make life more livable, to getting the perfect amount of air in your tires – your bike is an extension of your self and when it’s running smoothly, so are you. 

That’s why it’s such a bummer when the forces of circumstance try to slow your roll with flats. In this post, we’ll look at some sweet new gear designed to get you aired up and keep you that way!

Lezyne Sport Floor Pump

Air-ity begins at home. Whether you’re pulling your bike back out of the garage for the summer, or just doing your daily pre-commute check, before you set out on your adventures, you want to be sure you’ve got enough air in the tires. The Lezyne Sport Floor Pump is the perfect tool for the job. This high-pressure pump features an over-sized, easy-to-read gauge that takes the guesswork out of gassing up. Compatible with schrader and presta valves, no matter how many bikes you have at home, this is the only pump you’ll ever need.

Topeak Mini Dual DXG

But what happens if you need some air on the road? You’re not going to carry your floor pump everywhere, but hand pumps are so weak, right? Not anymore! The Topeak Mini Dual DXG will air you up twice as fast as its peers thanks to the dual-action pump. The universal head automatically adjusts to fit schrader and presta valves, and the built-in gauge means you don’t have to sacrifice accuracy for convenience. All that in a package that easily fits in a purse or saddle bag? Sign me up!

Nano CO2 Inflator

Even if space is scarce, you can always be prepared. The Nano CO2 Inflator is everything you need for a quick shot of air, especially useful if you’re already running late and don’t have the time to pump away. Small enough to disappear in a pocket or leave on your bike so it’s always there when you need it – you wouldn’t drive without a spare tire, there’s no reason to ride without air either.

Lezyne Patch/Lever Kit

But what if the air goes in and won’t stay there? You’ve got a leak! Find the culprit and patch it on the fly with these handy new kits from Lezyne. With everything you need to get rolling again: 2 tire levers, 6 patches, a tube scuffer and even a tire boot, this isn’t a patch kit – it’s a rolling repair shop! Glueless patches save you stickiness and speed up the work, while the handy aluminum case keeps everything together so it’s all there when you need it.

There’s no excuse to ride unready. They say luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity, and they're right. If you’re prepared for whatever the road can throw your way, you’ll be surprised how often it gives you the opportunity to feel lucky!