Tastemade / Groundwork Coffee

Last week, we teamed up with Tastemade and Goundwork Coffee to debut our gorgeous new Pure City step-through at the Groundwork 25th Anniversary party at Tastemade Studios. As attendees entered, they were greeted by the Talamanca - a gleaming teal beauty - and a sign exclaiming "WIN THIS BIKE"!

Between making merriment and noshing delicious food, party goers snapped photos of themselves with the Talamanca, uploaded to Insta, and tagged #purecity for a chance to go home with the bike!

We had lots of great entries, but ultimately it was @chlo3xu and her friends that won the day! The teamwork, swagger and deft placement of Pure Fix stickers brought home the bacon for Chloe - who promptly broke into squeals of joy and high fives.

Chloe and her friends immediately took the Talamanca out into the parking lot for some victory laps.

Thank you Tastemade and Groundwork Coffee for hosting us, and Bill Lohr for the photos!