New Bike Day

It's everybody's favorite day here at HQ, new bike day!

We're rolling out four brand new Pure City models with bold new looks and some choice upgrades that make these bikes easy to get excited about! All four models sport our new ergonomic grips to keep hands happy, upgraded tires for a smoother, more comfortable ride, and some finishing touches to elevate their style. First up is the Talamanca:

Named after the famous Ibiza beach, Talamanca's teal tone calls to mind summer seasides and the refreshing feeling of a ride along the shore. 

Next, up is the Arroyo. A beauty in black, the Arroyo's classic looks make it a welcome sight everywhere, from backyard barbecues to black tie affairs.

In the Classic Series, we have two new models both featuring an updated geometry delivering an even more comfortable ride. 

The William's deep blue frame calls to mind the comforting cover of the pre-dawn sky, while chrome components and buttercream accents add a hint of energy to the landscape.

Last, but not least, the Meriwether. We started with a classic, the little red bicycle, and made it modern with contrasting blue fenders and gold accents to create a stylish ride that's everything but understated.

They're all in stock and ready to ship, grab yours while there's still some Summer left to explore!