Make Some Noise

“Trrring Trrring” – bikes

Friendlier than a shouted “On your left!”, bells have been making people aware of bikes for over a century now. A couple crisp rings from your handlebars is universally understood to mean “bicycle approaching!”, and it gives your bike a voice to match its personality! 

And when it comes to making noise and getting noticed, you’ve got options! In this post, we’ll take a look at some of the best bells out now and help you choose which one is right for your ride.


Ding Dong Bell

“Ding Dong”  |  Volume: 5/10

Just as you’d expect, the Ding Dong bell pushes out a polite little two-tone peal. The spring-actuated thumb lever triggers a “ding” when pushed in and “dongs” when released, ideal for alerting pedestrians on multi-use paths, or ringing a friendly hello to a friend across the park.

Hammer Pull Brass Bell

“Diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnngggggggggggg”  |  Volume: 7/10

With a sharp, crisp ring that sounds like a knife striking fine crystal, the Hammer Bell is loud enough to give people a heads up even from a distance. And, because the tone lingers pleasantly in the air, you don’t need to mash your bell over and over again to be heard.

Crane Bell


Like a larger version of the hammer bell, the Crane bell roars, but with a rich, full, lasting tone that won’t offend the aurally inclined. Made in Japan where bike bells are a necessity, it was designed to be heard over the din of busy Tokyo streets without contributing more unpleasant noise pollution.

Orp Horn

“Di-Didili” or “EEEEEE”  |  Volume: 9/10

While technically not a bell, the Orp Horn offers two “honking” modes, a sweet little chirp for signaling a friendly “hello” or celebrating making it to the top of that hill, and a louder alert for getting the attention of errant drivers or people further down the road. It has a built in light to cut down on handlebar clutter, and the unique noises ensure you won’t be dismissed as “just another bike”. It’s the perfect “bell” for modern riders who aren’t married to the stereotypical sounds of cycling.

So stop riding in silence! Pick out the bell that's right for you and ring us up sometime when you're out for a ride.