The Idea Man

Work isn’t a place, it’s a place of mind – it can happen wherever you are. When you hit a roadblock, hiccup, or just need a fresh perspective, sometimes all it takes is a change of scenery. The second video in Mitch Dequillettes’ rider series follows Tanner and his Bourbon through their typical day in LA. Because the best work happens outside of the office, when the mind and body are free to wander.

Director: Mitchell Dequillettes, Entrepeneur: Tanner Sarff, Music: Alexander Spit

Feeling inspired to mix it up yourself? Jump on your bike and see where your imagination takes you! Just don't go too far, there's still one more video to come in this series.

Until then, enjoy these behind-the-scenes peeks to hold you over, and we'll see you right back here soon!