Cruise It or Lose It

With so much of the bike industry focused on dropping weight, increasing stiffness, and always going faster, it can be easy to lose sight of what made you love riding bikes in the first place; cruising with your friends, the sun on your face, the wind in your hair, and no where specific that you have to be.

And with plenty of articles out there about the benefits of fancy carbon fiber frames, expensive power meters, and efficient race-day nutrition, we figured it was time for someone to stick up for the beachiest of bikes. In today's post, we'll take a look at what makes cruisers so special and why they're the perfect bike for so many riders.


They say simplicity is the key to spontaneity. Or they should. It's just so much easier to be "down for whatever" when the only thing between you and adventure is the front door. When you get that "Beach Day!!" text, you want to grab your towel, your bike, and hit the road. You don't want to waste sunlight changing into spandex, checking your brakes, shifters, etc... and that's where cruisers really shine.

With a one-size-fits-all frame, anybody can hop on and go for a spin. A single-speed transmission means no shifting, no clunky derailleurs, and way less maintenance. Our cruisers are also free of cables, so you get a clean, minimalist look, with one less thing to worry about come tune-up time. These are bikes the way we remember them growing up - simple machines that are about the experience and the destination, as opposed to energy and effort.

Coaster Brake

Speaking of the bikes we grew up with, remember the easy joy of a kick-back brake? Just a little half-pedal backwards and you smoothly slow to a stop. Or, if you were daring, a brutal stab back on the pedals to skid the tire and slide suavely down the driveway, followed by a proud glance back at the tire mark commemorating your effort. Well why should kids have all the fun?

We equipped our cruisers with kick-back/coaster brakes to keep stopping intuitive, easy and, best of all, hands free! Because you're not really cruising if you can't ride comfortably with a drink in your hand. And the lack of levers on the bars keeps things clean and leaves you plenty of room for that phone mount, bluetooth speaker, and whatever other toys you need to really liven up your ride.

Sure Foot Technology

What good is all that comfort if you have to get out of the saddle every time you start and stop? Sure, on a race bike, you've got a high saddle, long reach, and you're stretching to get every ounce of power out of your body, so it's normal to have to leave the seat to reach the ground. But when you're out for a cruise, you want to be able to stop and smell the roses, pet that puppy, or toss back that errant frisbee without any extra effort.

That's the principle behind our Sure Foot Technology. Moving the crank further forward on the frame lets you ride with a lower saddle, still get good leg-extension when you pedal and, when you do come to a stop, put both feet on the ground without getting up. That means every cruise can be one uninterrupted ride, no matter how many stops you make. In fact, the hardest thing may be convincing yourself to get off the bike once you actually get to your destination. After all, you've already got the best seat in the house.