Saying Goodbye for the Holidays (to Your Bike)


Travelling home to see the family, following the birds south to warmer climes, or setting off with your friends for a winter wonderland – wherever you’re headed this holiday, it’s not always easy to bring your bike. So how do you say goodbye to that special someone something and make sure it’s rarin’ to go when you return? In today’s post, we’ll look at what to do with your bike while you’re away, and how to say the hard goodbye.

Keep it cozy

First things first, you want to protect your bike from the elements and that means getting it indoors. The most harmful winter elements for a bike, in order of potential damage, are: thieves, salt, water (ice/snow/rain/sleet/etc…), and freezing temperatures. Luckily, all of those threats can be minimized by parking your bike inside! Tu casa es su casa (your house is its house) after all, and that way when you return it’ll be ready to ride with maybe a spritz of air to top off the tires!

If you can’t bring it inside for some reason, you’ll want to make sure you address the threats listed above. Lock your bike and all the components (really really well). The last thing you want to come home to is a stripped steed, so this is no place for cable locks. Use the beefiest stuff you can find and make sure everything’s tied down. Then cover your bike with something to keep the worst of the weather off. A large tarp works really well and, if it has eyelets at the edges, those are a great place to slip that unused cable lock to pull everything tight and give prying eyes (and gusty weather) one more obstacle to uncovering your bike. If you do leave your bike outside though, you’ll want to give it a wash when you get back, clean and re-lube the drivetrain, and make sure everything’s still spinning smoothly and easily before you hit the road.

Let a friend ride

If you don’t want to deal with all of that outdoors nonsense (or can’t trust your neighbors to leave your bike alone), see if you’ve got a friend who can bike-sit! Loaning your bike to a (trusted) friend is a great way to keep it ridden while you’re away and, as long as they know their stuff, your bike will be just as ready to ride when you return as the day you left! Just make sure your friend has a good lock or two and knows how to use them. Getting your bike stolen while in the hands of a buddy is a great way to lose a friendship along with the bike. But loaning a bike to a friend is also a great way to spread the two-wheeled love and make sure your bike’s treated right while you’re gone – so it’s a great option if you’ve know the right people.


Bring it with you

But who are we kidding? You don’t really want to go anywhere without your bike. After all, what will you ride when you get there? No, the best thing you can do when you travel for the holidays is bring it along for the trip. Fly with it, pack it in or on the car, ship it, heck, ride it wherever you’re headed! Check out the episode of Pure Fix TV below if you need a refresher on traveling with your bike.


Just don’t leave it behind like Kevin McCallister on so many Christmases. You never know when the wet sticky bandits will strike next.

Happy holidays!