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Carrying a pump everywhere can be a drag. Getting a flat tire while you're out is even worse! You know what's not awful? The Portland Design Works Shiny Object CO2 inflator.

With this bad boy, you can leave the pump at home and, if you get a flat, you're just a twist of the cartridge away from rolling again! Plus, the Shiny Object has a built-in valve so you can pop a cartridge on there and not have to worry about accidentally emptying your CO2 (say, "goodbye" to premature evacuation)! Did I mention that it works with presta and schrader valves? Well it does, and that means, no matter what you're riding, popping the Shiny Object in your pocket before you head out could be the difference between riding and walking home! It even comes with a CO2 cartridge, a classy leather sleeve, and it'll take any 16g threaded CO2 cartridges you can find, so grab one and get riding! Your friends will totally be jealous of how shiny it is.

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