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Kodiak USB Power Bank

In this day and age, there’s just no reason to ever have a dead phone, tablet, camera, anything really. It’s needless and preventable, like smallpox, consumption, or “the vapors”, a relic of times past when power was hard to come by and phones were still “dumb”. Thankfully, those days are behind us. We stand now on the plateau of the present, gazing assuredly into a future fertile with adventure. Camping trips, concerts, picnics, around-the-world sailing expeditions, heck, pretty soon you’re going to be able to buy a ticket to ride up into space and see what you think of the Universe up close and personal – and you’ll do all of it with a full charge thanks to the Kodiak power bank. Rugged, powerful, and convenient – it’ll stand up to splashes, smashes, and charge just about anything that gets it’s juice via USB. This tough little number will keep you charged no matter what, so grab one and send your dead electronics the way of the dodo.

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