Premium Ergo Leather Grip Set - $40


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Premium Ergo Leather Grip Set

Picture this, you’re heading home after a long day at the saw mill. Your hands are dry and chapped, caked with the dusty debris of your labor. As you approach your bike your hands begin to glisten in sweet anticipation of wrapping their fingers around these ergonomic leather grips. Or maybe you’re a cosmetician; you spend your day caring for the hands of others, pampering, preening, and making presentable those phalangied friends. Grab a pair of these grips and each day the last set of hands you spoil will be your own. They perfectly fit our 3-speed and 8-speed Pure City bikes, so grab some today or apologize to your hands tomorrow.

Ergo? What is this, Shakespeare?

"Ergo," short for ergonomics, is the science and study of the way humans interact with their stuff. From product design, to anatomy and physiology, to psychology, ergonomics is more than turning normal products into funky shapes, it’s all about making sure that the things we touch are as comfortable, intuitive, and easy-to-use as possible.

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