Installation is easy!

Revolights Skyline is designed to be much easier to install, more compatible and streamlined.

Now each wheel only needs 4 ball-and-socket style brackets and a few screws to put on. We have specially designed them to allow for more compatibility with spoke patterns and rim depth. Most 700c/622 wheels that have 10+ spokes and a rim-to-nipple depth less than 42mm will fit the Skyline.

By creating a more universal bracket we were also able to eliminate extra hardware which in turn creates a more streamlined look.


Installation is now done with 4 points of attachment, making almost any spoke pattern compatible. The rings are adjustable during installation, allowing Skyline to fit 700c x 18mm-38mm tires all in one kit. So feel free to change tires for multiple seasons without any additional installation.

Raising Safety Standards

Revo Juliet

The Skyline is the continuation of our quest to create higher safety standards for night time bike riding. We are constantly striving to make Revolights the most visible and functional bicycle lighting system on the market. It's no wonder why Men's Journal has dubbed Revolights as "The best bike lights in the world."

Be seen at night!


Revo Juliet


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